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What Do You Know about Frozen Fruit?
2023-02-01 10:52:20

What Do You Know about Frozen Fruit?

As the weather gets warmer, frozen fruit is becoming a popular choice for many people. Many people call frozen fruit "fruit ice cream". So, what do you know about frozen fruit?




Is frozen fruit still nutritious?


Frozen fruit does not destroy its nutrients.


Frozen one has no loss of nutritional value and is higher in vitamin C. A study conducted by the University of Chester in the UK comparing the nutritional value of frozen and fresh, one found that nearly two thirds of vegetables and fruit had higher levels of vitamin C and anti-ageing substances when frozen.


The US Food and Drug Administration reports that the nutritional value of raw and frozen one is the same, and that freezing preserves nutrients for longer. So there is no need to worry about freezing destroying nutrients.


Is it really good?


Generally speaking, freezing is divided into quick freezing and slow-freezing. Slow freezing is the equivalent of using the freezing layer of a domestic refrigerator. As it does not meet the requirements of fast freezing, large ice crystals will be formed inside the fruit. It will break when thawing, causing intracellular fluid to flow out and thus changing the taste.



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