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FAQs about Frozen Okras
2023-02-01 10:36:23

FAQs about Frozen Okras

Okra is a food native to Africa, which is particularly rich in nutrition and has a certain seasonality. Therefore, the emergence of frozen okra solves the problem that everyone eats okra for an unlimited time. How to eat the frozen okras?




How to eat frozen okra?


It is not recommended to eat directly.


Although freezing can prolong the shelf life of okra, the taste of okra will decrease after freezing, so it is not recommended to boil it and eat it directly. You can thaw it and stir-fry it.


You can put the frozen okras in boiling water for about 30 seconds, take it out to control the water, cut it into small pieces after cooling, and stir-fry it with meat, eggs, and other vegetables.


Is okra frozen and thawed with water?


It can be blanched or not blanched.


If the okra has not been blanched and frozen directly, it is recommended to thaw and blanch it to remove the bitter taste. If it is okra that is frozen after blanching, it can be thawed directly without blanching.


Are frozen okras cooked?




Frozen okras sold in the market is generally cooked. This is because okra likes a cold, high-humidity environment, which is easy to scratch, and it is easy to turn black after scratching. It is not resistant to transportation, and it is easy to age under high temperatures. Yellowing and spoilage. If you want to store okra for a long time, you need to blanch the okra and then freeze and keep it fresh. This can greatly extend the shelf life of okra, which can be stored for about 9 months.

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